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Even Bunk shakes his head. While Avon has always been content to operate by the code of the streets, Stringer Bell — who moonlights as a student at Baltimore City Community College — has been trying to bring a corporate mind-set to their drug business, applying what he learns in the classroom to his everyday dealings. But decimation goes beyond the physical. He may have been the black sheep of the family, but he was also its heart.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Ranking all of the characters on The Wire is a difficult a task, but Bunk Moreland would be close to the top. Health department regulations be damned! The fact that this is the first episode in which Idris Elba does not appear automatically pushes it to the bottom half of this ranking. The aforementioned Ziggy-duck situation pushes it down even further. You know those before-and-after pictures people hold up in weight loss commercials? The Barksdale task force is the law enforcement version of the before picture: a motley crew of largely inexperienced cops and zero-shit-giving humps just waiting out their days until retirement.

But you would be wrong. Naturally, Freamon instead tells McNulty to go bigger. Atta guy! Nick turns himself in and agrees to tell the police everything, while Serge gives up the Greek. Once again, after months of hard work, the police get to clear a handful of cases, yet nothing has really changed. Enter Prez! After months of being the village idiot, Pryzbylewski actually proves to be adept at something — puzzle-solving, of all things.

What Sam Mendes did for plastic bags in American Beauty , Bunny Colvin does for paper bags in this early season-three episode written by crime-fiction legend Richard Price : After a drug bust gone wrong ends up in a detective being shot, Colvin schools his underlings on the importance of civic compromise, explaining how the brown paper bag provided an easy solution for creating peace between the police and the public when it comes to open consumption laws. May we all learn more lessons from Bunny. Prez learns important life lessons the hard way as he contends with a classroom of kids whose main exposure to adult behavior is what they see in the streets.

McNulty, meanwhile, is a new man. Translation: Dominic West took some time off during season four to return to the stage in London, so shot all of his work for the season in just a few weeks. They even manage to solve the complicated logistics of how the murder happened young woman, a knock on the window, turns on light, takes closer look, tap-tap-tap, boom. So, in a brilliant move, Colvin meets with with Bodie to lay out the rules of the free zones, then watches as they slowly catch on.

With any good small-screen slow burn, there comes a moment when the audience is rewarded for their stick-to-itiveness. If it seems like a narrative stretch, consider this: In , less than a year into his first term, then-Baltimore mayor Kurt L. There are plenty of people who still like the idea.

Fortunately, Sydnor recognizes him from an old boxing photo, meaning the police finally have a face they can stick on their board. That the officer was black only further politicized the matter, and makes it as relevant a story line today. Meanwhile, Randy Wagstaff is convinced that Chris is turning people into zombies and shares this suspicion with his friends. Just when you start to forget that these kids are still just kids, they remind you.

That conflict comes to a head in season four with the election of a new white mayor. Though Carcetti is serious about cleaning up city hall, doing so would require firing several prominent black leaders — not exactly a good look. Cathey as his right-hand man. The golden heart and innocence he had just a year earlier is gone. It would have been difficult , yes, but we know Brienne is a strong enough woman and has enough understanding of honour and duty to acknowledge and respect Jaime if he told her he had to go on this mission.

It just got turned into this baseless sex scene with none of the beauty that their relationship possesses. Having him leave her like this after what seemed like a one night stand is just heartbreaking and cruel for her character, and a major step back for his progress. Brienne was important to the equation in any way. What a sham. It felt like a betrayal to her. In my mind, I can never see them being together.

All those seasons of build up went down the drain. All bitter, no sweet. Hanni : Ten Bears ,. Loved the episode. However it had a few head scratching moments. Right off the bat. How are Lyanna Mormont and Edd Tollette still in one piece. The Night King reanimated then. When he died they should have fallen to pieces just as the rest of his newly reanimated corpses did. The story has been rushed with so many loose ends, but we have two major issues behind the scenes.

GRRM still needs to finish his books if that ever happens and the prequels are in works. Details about the White Walkers, Howland Reed, Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa etc — much of this lore IMO is being reserved for the books and future shows, which would be worthless if they did not promise some revelations to die hard fans. Sam: A wedding for Sam and Gilly would not be out of order. And Horn Hill is waiting for them. IMO Cersei would absolutely send a contingency to finish them off. Does his legitimization actually secure his loyalty to Dany, or does it hand him the throne?

I think the latter. Arya was in character, though that scene was hard to watch. Perfect match. We have two clues that something major is happening with the dragons, I think. There is the dragon skull beneath the throne room in the opener, and the carved dragon on the wall in the war room on Dragonstone. Was that carving always there?

If so, it was never featured so prominently. She is having the longest pregnancy since Maggie on Walking Dead. I still think there is something nefarious in the works there, far beyond what it seems. They gave the poor girl one speaking scene ages ago, they used her as set decor, then they marched her off with Bran to the godswood, never to be seen again? I was hoping she would be given her wildling lover in Tormund. I totally agree that this felt like two totally different episodes, first half and second. At the very onset I wondered what Dany whispered to Jorah.

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Of the people left around her, he was the one with the best chance to keep her reined in. I am fully prepared for Jon to die. In the end I wonder if Tyrion will be the one to stop her. He has and will always love Cersei, but I also think he may be under the mistaken impression he can stop her from being like the mad king.. This does not bode well. In the end I also wonder if Jaime will be the one to stop her. She took out the night king, but Cersei too? THAT is saddest of all. Jon just seems like a shell of his former self.

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But when her brother died I think something changed in her. I would have liked to see some acknowledgement that Jon is family. I understand that it is meaningful. I understand that this was so we could see Dany being pushed over the edge. But what this has done is made my fully support Dany to bring fire and blood upon all of KL.

Killing Missandei was just…cruel. After watching the episode a second time. I have asked myself the same question. Just why?? Or is it just that Sansa is simply driven by the need for Stark rule and nothing else will do. However, what they should have done is have Tyrion and Jamie approach Arya to kill Bronn for his arrogance, steal his face and then announce the Lannister brothers dead.

Job done. On the subject of avoiding the scorpion attack — yes they could probably have seen the ships from the air, but they have much better and far too underused way. Bran: Goes all white eyed for a bit…. And now twice Daeny has been surprised at sea while god knows how high up in the sky. At this point, it would be difficult to please everyone. As for me, I just want to savor every minute of these last episodes. Are they perfect?

Yeah, I noticed that too. I do feel Jon would get a semblence of happiness if he just went north and stayed away from the rest of Westeros.


Sansa and Arya: First of all, we love you just the same. You would so be a great King. Jon: No. Join me in supporting Dany. You know exactly what happened. The Bastard : Toxic Nerd Culture. They hate anything that gets too popular. Sort of mimics their real lives. They know that blind fans will love it no matter how dumb it gets. Still means most people liked it. Yes, but the idea is to have her capitulate before they and she starves. And of course, a starving population could revolt and unseat Cersei themselves.

It could work. Yet again people see what they want to see about Sansa. How is she the new Cersei, when the first scene you see of her is genuinely mourning for Theon and giving him the Stark pin? Or later when she had a touching moment with the Hound and showed him respect and care?

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What about her worry and fear for Jon when he marched south and her obvious pain in having to break the stupid promise? Yeah, she broke it. So what. It was the right thing to do. Also yes, Dany helped. But so did Sansa. She was the only person who gave a fuck about the North and wanting to take it back, even Jon wanted to retire south. She put Jon back on track and retook winterfell, which she then successfully prepared for winter. The WW threat steam rolls Bran and Westeros if not for any of that. Sansa has every reason to believe Dany is bad news. She has every reason to believe Jon would make a great ruler.

As for Sansa being power hungry? She refused the North the instant Jon offered it. Dany is begging Jon not to destroy her claim. It is judged completely differently than all other entertainment. For some reason people forgive this show for dozens of plot holes, logical inconsistencies, character assassinations, and stupid writing that they would never tolerate in any other TV show or movie of this caliber.

GoT gets a free pass from mass audiences and most critics even when its writing descends into soap opera territory, or worse. People have blinders on, because the show used to be so good and because the production values are so amazing. Does Tyrion know the ending and trying to save someone? Can Arya wear the faces of the White King and army …. Sure, we can see this move as political, too, but it might take a massive PR campaign to make the lords of the Stormlands to accept Gendry. Unfortunately, Arya decided not to go along and without any legit reason. First Bronn tells Jamie that Cersei sent him to kill the brothers then gets bad news from the battle.

He may try to get her to leave with him to save the baby. And was anyone else thinking that Euron was counting weeks once Tyrion talked children with Cersei? If anything they will create a Red Wedding…will there be pie? Remember the Botb when it was hard to discern the look on her face as she watched on the battlefield and noticed Jon was still alive and running after Ramsay? Some said she looked ambivalent or even upset about his survival.

I think Sansa only cares about herself really. How do you think a feudal country works? WhiteSparkle , I totally agree. This whole season just comes across as poorly constructed fan fiction. The production is exemplary and has never been better. The acting, the direction, the photography notably beautiful this season , but dear gods, the scripts are dire. The Bastard : She knows if she kills Dany, that the dragon kills her.

Drogon is just sitting there. They have like 10 ballistas lined up on the walls right where the stand off is happening. They were somehow able to shoot Rhaegal out of the sky with three shots in quick succession, and with stunning accuracy. People need to stop making excuses for bad writing. Cersei easily could have had every single person there killed within seconds. I think Gendry ends up on the throne, after Dany and Jon die.

So the show comes full circle back to the beginning with a real Baratheon on the throne again after a Targaryen is defeated. Both times, perhaps, by Jaime Lannister. One would think that Daenerys could make the Targ secret public, take the throne by conquest then make Jon king and then she Deanryrs become his Hand. Tywin ruled as Hand. Also make the north independent. Or let Jon become King, then he abdicates to return to the watch like Master Aemon.

Surely they can reconstitute the watch as a far northern security post. The Targ line of succession has ended but they will take the throne by conquest it appears. No way Cersei wins. But it is unclear that if Daenerys is looking for a family, that she would so desperately tell her family to keep the family secret. Cersei is terrible but Daenerys has no right to the throne and she knows it. Whoever can keep it, it is theirs. Meg : And yes, Jon does share a greater blame. A deanimated mostly-skeleton would appear to shatter, but a body only a half-hour dead would not.

Why does Arya need a legit reason to turn Gendry down? Actually, I agree that Sansa has empathy for people. But I think her flaw is that her empathy is bound by the North. So it matters not to her that Dany working together with the Starks as Wards could result in a peaceful and just kingdom.

She demands Northern autonomy because her empathy is only for Northerners. The beginning was frustrating. I think these guys are burned out like grrm. Nerd Culture is well documented as being cynical.

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It has nothing to do with my likes or dislikes. People cried about how bad Unbowed Unbent Unbroken was for weeks and it still has a better score. Hundreds of people were giving this latest episode 1 star on IMDB even before the leaks…how could it be more toxic lol. Dany has put her people and Dragons into this mess and how soon was that forgotten? She lost her most loyal friends. Her sons. Now they itch to toss her aside for a male. I hope they all find a way to trust each other as Cersei is using their emotions against them. Grow up Tyrion, your sister is an evil bitch.

And her pregnancy should result in the most robust premature baby ever. There is hardly economy which is not local either, making an ECW basically non-existent. While the North looks really feudal to me in that the overlord has to keep his bannermen happy, the Targaryen dynasty looks less so to me, they did as they liked.

Nick20 : Drogon is just sitting there. Why do you continue to watch the show if you dislike it so much? The story telling is fine. You just want to complain, just like you have all season. No matter what was put out, you would find something to complain about. To answer your question…. For somebody who can complain about the show so much, you really should pay attention more to the details. The same small details that show why the writing is so great. BeardedOnion : Yet again people see what they want to see about Sansa. They have Bran so it will not just be a matter on heading down for a stroll.

Cosca : Nick20 ,. GOT is popular enough now that it must be taken down by a small vocal group of online fans. This same thing happens over and over again with other major nerd phenomena. Ten Bears : Sersis ,. Sansa surely knows, that Dany knows. And she did notice, that Tyrion is afraid of Dany. Remember also that Sansa graduated Baelish University where you try to imagine every possible outcome, yada yada and so on.

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So, she basically said that she was afraid for Jon, so maybe she hoped that by telling Tyrion, Jon would have a possible ally in the south. She knows Tyrion has a good heart and is fond of Jon, so…. Apart from that, I found that conversation all kinds of weird. Tyrion tried to read Sansa and failed to understand what was happening with her. He even made it clear to her that if Jon went south, she would rule the North alone. Did you notice any satisfaction there or joy? Tyrion could not get it out of her and when he asked her to look at him, she was trying to hold back tears. Do make an effort!

She also came off as jelly, not because of power, but because Jon followed Dany and did not stay with her. I know it sounds all kinds of weird, but she was sooo emotional. Or the writers are just trolling. You know, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…. Moreover, Sophie already told us in one of her interviews that Sansa would fight a passionate fight this season and that she has to go behind a few backs and risks tearing apart her family. That girl is long gone. There was character development the last few seasons, even if haters choose to ignore it.

Get with the program! The blocked POV is kind of annoying. They are going to pull the same crab, they did last season with LF. Her whole spiel has been that she is the rightful heir. She says bad things happen when Starks go south. Why is everyone acting like she sent him to KL to maneuver? Because Sansa knows that Tyrion is convincing himself Dany is better than she may be. Ned kept the secret because of Robert Baratheon and the Lannisters. Jon is an adult now, a fighter and was King of the North, not an innocent baby that Ned Stark brought home to protect.

The fact that she wants to hide that — does it make her any different than anyone else? One of the main points GRRM makes is that power also corrupts. Jon has not. If Sansa sees that, it makes her evil? Tyrion already reassured her that she would basically hold power in The North. She spent most of Season 7 either begging him not to leave Winterfell or wishing he would come back.

The notion that she was disappointed that Jon survived is completely baseless. Sadly I saw the same on Westeros. Apparently there were one star ratings before the episode even aired. Most of the blowback seems to be coming from Dany fans this week, last week it was another section of the community. I know, I know.. Like, really!? Jon Snowed : Sadly I saw the same on Westeros. Having seen this in other fandoms, arguing with toxic types, or people with irrational agendas is pointless.

The people who love a thing eventually determine its perception, even if it takes many years… anger is fleeting, love lasts far longer. Is anyone else concerned about Winterfell and the remaining people there? I know we are supposed to think the WW threat is over. Twists and all. But we just seen basically every fighter but a heartbroken Brienne leave Winterfell.

LeoraRufus : Dany has put her people and Dragons into this mess and how soon was that forgotten? I also feel Dany has received an awful lot of scorn considering she has saved everyone with her armies. I do love her character, but also see the dark, impulsive parts of her nature. I think Daario had the right of it, she is a conquerer, a saviour to many, but a good and steady ruler? Her time in Mereen showed that. She wanted to impose her will on her new subjects because she felt she had the moral superiority to do so.

The part I bolded is something I disagree with however. That puts him ahead of Dany in the line of succession without even taking gender into account. Well, Jon started with a good intent: he basicly told his sisters, that Dany is family, too, assuming they would get the point. Unfortunately… So, I wonder what his attitude to Sansa will be after he discovers the treason. Bran was instrumental in defeating the NK. He laid out the plans to lure him to the Godswood, he knew how the NK would be defeated and gave Arya the blade to do the deed.

He even says as much to Theon, in their scene at the Godswood. Bran also checks out to ensure all the others were in place and gives Theon a final nudge to distract the NK to allow Arya time to strike. From what I can tell the episode did not leak just certain plot points, thus would potentially explain people giving a strongbepisode a one star rating.

Yes indeed. Jon did the absolutely best thing he could do for Ghost, sending him off with his trusted friend to the only place he could truly be happy and free. If Jon survives the next battle, I hope he can at least visit them one day. So very stupid on so many levels, very much like WWI. Lest we forget that Bran said he lives in the past. Am I forgetting something?

See a Problem?

They did not just have a one-night stand, they were basically living together for a few weeks at least. When he was leaving and Brienne held his face and spoke with him -that whole exchange said she was a woman very emotionally intimate with Jaime. Jaime has always had lots of layers in him — Brienne knows it. I hope they do not go with Jaime dead, Brienne pregnant. If Jaime dies and he might! As for the virginity, well Brienne was whipping his shirt off so fast — I think she was willing to bed Jaime for some time.

And of course, he did wiggle into her bedroom. I suppose it could have been a candlelight seduction bear rug with a marriage proposal then a solemn promise of return when he left for KL — but this is also fun too. I really liked it. I knew something bad was going to happen when everyone was so happy at the feast. It all felt very logical and typical GOT for me and everyone acted in character. I only wonder what is going to be the sweet part of bittersweet. From what I read here, a lot of people expected the remaining dragons to die this season, only not this episode.

And I guess Drogon will somehow die in the fight next episode. Euron is very good in surprise attacks, he already proved that last season. I think Dany and co were a bit over confident after destroying the Nigh King. They must have thought: if they can defeat dead, they sure can defeat the living. Since Dany hatched her dragons she really believed she was destined for the Iron Throne, but that belief is going to destroy her.

I agree with your comments. This episode felt odd, disjointed and rushed at times. Game of Thrones has held my interest because of the rich character developments, the world and wild storylines. Thank you George RR Martin. I never jumped out of an episode for plausibility the way I did in this episode. I feel a lot of the work from George RR Martin was undermined with this rushed episode. However, Arya and the Hound seemed true to themselves and the story.

These dialogue hits remind me of immature teenager comments made to try and sound clever. I am right behind you! Bleak and hopeless are exactly my feelings right now. This is just gut-wrenching, heart-ripping tragedy of the darkest kind. Thank you very much. And no, Sam and Gilly living happily ever after, sitting on a bench and reading books are no compensation. So, yes. Write fanfiction. There are already some really amazing ones out there, but I fear I will need all I can get to recharge my belief that love can be true, that honesty and honour are actually good things, that fate is not carved in stone and that coming together to fight a common enemy can actually lead into something new and good for everyone.

Losing Rhaegal supposedly! It draws a further contrast with Jon. Cersei and Euron need to be removed from power, but what is the acceptable cost to do so? Yet people are trolling largely because their expectations are not being matched with the plot direction. I have to disagree. You know, the whole deal in the books with the red-doored house and her happiest memories being there and with Drogo when she was pregnant.

Apollo : Bran was instrumental in defeating the NK. History, indicating past. Not future. Thank you for the recap, David! I thought this was a great episode. For me, the one word that would describe this episode is foreboding. The Starks are separating again, Jon left his direwolf — which in the books is a huge thing. Cat literally felt dread because Robb put aside Greywind at the Freys. Arya leaving again with no intention of returning. Sansa becoming more and more of a conspirator. If you would allow me a moment of obnoxiousness, I totally called Bronn arriving in this episode, and I thought he would kill Tyrion but I was wrong about that.

I expected it. Also, there is now more ominous music when there are shots of Dany and she does indeed have a one-track mind: instead of googly heart eyes, she has googly eyes with the Iron Throne at the core. Honestly, why hold out on this info? I will probably get some hate for this but honestly, I would rather it had been Tyrion who died instead of Missandei. This death cut me deep. There are already some really amazing ones out there, but I fear I will need all I can get to recharge my belief that love can be true, that honesty and honour are actually good things, that fate is not carved in stoneand that coming together to fight a common enemy can actually lead into something new and good for everyone.

Realistic is the stronger force with the better claim and the love of the people actually winning, not well, they would have won but Cersei gets some last-minute help from a 10, year old ice demon hell bent on decimating the greatest army the world has ever seen and then dying at the last second so only the good will suffer. This is the allies are about to land at Normandy but aliens attack.

The good guys beat the aliens but almost all die. Hitler wins. Oh wow, how gritty and non-Hollywood. GRRM has often cited that Faulkner quote, and has explained it as sort of a guide for his own writing. The Long Night will probably not be nearly as long as we might have expected it be in that medium, as well. The stakes are simple; victory is life, defeat is death. This episode makes one thing pretty clear. If you were expecting the ending of this story to include the struggle against the Night King and I was one of them , you were wrong.

They are, at this point, well and truly behind us. Well, my opinion, and Who knows if it is anywhere close to being correct, is that the White Walkers are another subversion of classic fantasy tropes. The living won, but now what? The human heart will always be the human heart. Jealousies and rivalries will reappear, conflicts put on the back burner will flare up, and peace will be as elusive and fleeting as it always is.

To wit, the coalition that won the war against the Dead appears on the brink of permanent fissure. In this case, her destiny is leading her down a dark path. Dany has always had a ruthless side, and a temper to match it. Tell me, Dany fans, do you really think that Astapor and Meereen are better off for her having been there? Dany has always felt isolated in Westeros, and there is good reason for that.

She is not from Westeros. Her family ruled the Seven Kingdoms for hundreds of years, but it has been decades since the last Targaryen king, and she has spent her entire life in exile. The people of Westeros do not know her, and the thing they most remember about her family is the Mad King, who burned the innocent because the voices in his head told him to. Burning the Tarlys alive had no strategic or political value whatsoever, but she did it anyways because they spurned her and she could. Again, she demonstrated that her kind of justice is neither rational nor merciful.

Now, she finds herself alone in a strange land, with almost all of her original advisors, the only ones who were ever capable of tempering her worst impulses, dead and gone. In their absence, she has let those impulses guide her. Her lover has become her greatest threat, at least as long as she clings to her own self-imposed destiny.

Cersei Lannister has bested her at every turn. Perhaps worst of all, she has now put herself in the position of asking a man she professes to love to deny his identity, an identity he has searched his entire life to get answers about, because it is inconvenient to her claim. She has lived her whole life with the belief that she has the best claim to the Iron Throne of Westeros, but now she knows that is not the case.

Her response to that inconvenient truth has been revealing, and not in a good way. If you believe that GRRM and Faulkner are right about the human heart, there was a lot to like about this episode.

TBI and PTSD: Navigating the Perfect Storm

One can only hope that something changes between now and the finale, otherwise our ending appears to be a lot more bitter than sweet. Bran just needs to warg some birds or a dragon and scope it out ahead of time. Heck, Ser is pretty docile these days. Problem solved. The problem imo is Bran has a distinct advantage in this society with how slow information travels. Lady High Heart : Tristan has probably become Prince of Dorne and has a grudge against Cersi for breaking up his wedding plans thus causing the death of Myrcella.

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