A 1970s Childhood: From Glam Rock to Happy Days

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Using an electric typewriter at work. Linda Freeman, Irlam, Manchester Never mind the gloom, the unreliable and slow British motorbikes were all being overtaken by brilliant new Japanese Kawasaki's, Yamaha's, Honda's and Suzuki's! Say good-bye to oil leaks and hello to electric starter buttons!

GLAM ROCK - Definition and synonyms of glam rock in the English dictionary

What more could you want? Hard times? I think not. Six weeks long, long, school holidays, not a care in the world, that was the 70s. What was that all about? And of course the street parties which our one went on for two days and everyone got very very drunk AND no one got hurt. Ian, Watford Leaving school, going to college and learning shorthand and typing on a manual typewriter, summers wearing long Indian cotton dresses, flowers on big floppy hats, Wide trousers and huge wedge shoes underneath them making your legs look really long, patchouli oil.

Getting colour television and central heating. The strikes, dark winter nights playing cards by candlelight. It was good being a teenager in the 70s, I think it was the last decade when there were still strong family values around and friends were friends and have stayed friends since that time. You had to have verbal contact, not everyone had phones and the internet did not exist. Fashion - flares, Ben Sherman shirts, doc martens, jumpers with big numbers or stars on them!

Combat jackets, bondage trousers - didn't actually have a pair myself though!

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Other Stuff - Yucca plants, grey skies, lots of rain, Habitat, It was kind of ok the 70's although the new world we all craved was twisted and corrupted by the excesses of Thatcherism! Not sure where it all got us, but now seems a good time to look back!

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Now Lyon, France For me personally it was a good time. For the country as a whole it was a disaster. Newly married with a young son, I had a key job--a buyer for a major manufacturer remember those? The utter humiliation of being the 'sick man of Europe', laughed at by continental neighbours and competitors, was hard to live with.

My nice new British made company cars fell apart within three years. Many people today remember the Thatcher years but not the awful period that preceded them. Worst of all were the fashions - I had long hair, a droopy moustache, flowery shirts and shorts so short I'd be arrested today for wearing them.

Tony Blair is grateful to Maggie. No nation can thrive without self-esteem and decent dress sense! Iraq notwithstanding, we have never quite lost the 'Falklands factor', unfashionable though such notions may now be. Magazine regulars Tweetbook Say goodbye to worktime boredom. Low graphics Accessibility help.

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E-mail this to a friend Printable version. It wasn't all about politics Read Andrew Marr's take on the decade in the Magazine every Tuesday. Read and watch your written memories, pictures and videos every Friday in the Magazine. Fashion and music. Strikes and blackouts. More on the blackouts. Summer of fun. Special moments. Making ends meet. What the 70s says to you. More 70s memories. In today's Magazine. Ghost town.

The guerilla plant. Walking away. BBC Copyright Notice. One-Minute World News. Printable version. What the s meant to you. This was a decade with good and bad like all others I guess. Steve, Swindon. Doing my homework in bed by candle-light: the three-day week.

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Steve Howard, Norwich. Leigh Maude, Reading. The definition of glam rock in the dictionary is a style of rock music of the early s, characterized by the glittery flamboyance and androgynous image of its performers. Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics. We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Style has always been very important to us. We grew up in the '70s. Music was glam rock , punk rock and a very stylish movement.

Nick Rhodes. Meaning of "glam rock" in the English dictionary. Glam rock. Synonyms and antonyms of glam rock in the English dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about glam rock. To me, the 90's signaled the end of glam rock , the beginning of gangsta rap, and hopefully the beginning and end of boy bands.

This text situates the glam rock phenomenon historically and examines it as a set of performance strategies. Philip Auslander, Covering four decades of music history, this engaging book explores a genre of pop music that has been overlooked, under-reported, and ineffectively characterized—but which nevertheless remains immensely popular.

Stuart Lenig, So dust off your space hopper and join us on this fascinating journey through a childhood during the seventies, with hilarious illustrations and a nostalgic trip down memory lane for all those who grew up in this memorable decade. Time really does fly and it comes as a shock to realise that is already 40 years ago, but as you dip into this entertaining book you quickly become aware of how different things were in the decade that began with the World Cup in Mexico remember the song 'Back Home'?

The author takes us on his own, often humorous journey, recalling schooldays dodging chalk thrown by the teacher etc. Derek Tait has written over a dozen books, most of them about his early childhood in Singapore or the area of Plymouth in which he lives. He is now a full-time writer, but previous jobs have included a photographer and a cartoonist. He lives in Saltash Passage, Plymouth.

A 1970s Childhood: From Glam Rock to Happy Days by Derek Tait (Paperback, 2011)

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