The Path of the Pure Creature

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A Matriarch that has become imbued with enough power can shed the vestiges of personality and become a true embodiment of Ecstasy, evolving into a glorious Queen. For those too mired in the petty concerns of individuality, rebirth as a demonic Lady awaits. The path of the Noble is one of luxurious excesses and deadly martial ability.

Consummate warriors they consider themselves the most rarified of their demon kin, bending knee only to a King or Queen. Filled with a dark charisma their followers are utterly dedicated to them, and will stand resolutely at their side against any foe. The Noble is hand cast in pure, unfilled, resin. She comes with a custom 40mm round base and has a height of 40mm from the bottom of her feet to her eyes.


Model is unassembled and unpainted. Also available in a set of all 3 Matriarchs.

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Selected: Matriarch of Ecstasy - Noble. Matriarch of Ecstasy - Noble quantity.

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Purchase this Product and Earn 27 Creature Coins. Other's say giant spikes along its back that make it look like wings.

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  • A Siren is a creature from lore that claims the lives of sailors by causing them to crash to the rocks bellow. They can enslave men with their voice, and many early accounts believe they did this to collect souls to live longer.


    In recent times they have been seen as simple mischievous and beautiful mermaids that are generally harmless. However, the tales tell a very different story so one should often be cautious of this one.

    They stalk in the dark because they fear they light. They will wonder causing pain and suffering in the shadows Trolls range from drowning travelers, stealing babies from their homes to raise them as slaves, and even living under bridges to wait for travelers to pass at the right time. A little zombie like creature born of a curse and created for the sheer purpose of tormenting those who have wronged the person who created them.

    Once they are done they move among the world continuing their mayhem. The water shapeshifter. Sometimes seen as a black horse this creature is a mischievous trickster often turning malevolent.

    What mythical creature represents you?

    It is known for pulling people into bogs, and taking on the shape of a dark horse to trick riders into sinking into swamp waters. Often compared to that of a Pookah. They are dangerous tricksters that can cause the end of many. A Spirit in the form of a whaling women. To hear ones voice means certain death to you or someone close to you.

    Often depicted as weeping and sorrowful of the persons death some believe they are reapers come to claim the souls. There are many monsters but none more prominent than the originals of folklore and legends. Among these creatures, who might you be? An Omen of darkness and death, a creature of seductions, or born of a curse and vengeance.

    [Documentary] Mysteries of the Mekong 2017 - China: The Journey Begins

    Let's find out, shall we? Created By Gothicthundra. Choose an image you're drawn to most. Pick an image that unsettles you most. The dark. Things that go bump in the night The fog. You're alone and you hear a noise What do you do? Keep alert but continue what I was doing. Arm yourself and wait. It's nothing, I'm not afraid. I run as soon as possible.

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