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Related Topics Mangaluru Karnataka. Related Articles. Recommended for you. Previous Story Charmadi Ghat thrown open to light motor vehicles only. This article is closed for comments. Please Email the Editor. There are types of swords with straight backs yet curved edges, and others that widen toward the point but then taper sharply. Surgery will often be required to widen the tricuspid valve or rarely to replace it. Public access to the countryside continues to widen and wildfire risk will increase.

Your doctor may need to perform an episiotomy, which means he will widen the opening of your vagina by making a small incision. Some flashlights let you widen the light or focus it to a pen point. If you find this to be the case when you are ready to look, you may need to widen your search to the general region. Researching how to reduce waste or what the options are for recycling certain items will help to produce a top quality list while also helping to widen your general knowledge about environmental issues.

So take a deep breath, perfect that profile, and get ready to widen your social circle! You can also widen your knowledge by reading books about professional digital photography, as well as accessing free online digital photography tutorials.

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As you gently stare at this object, begin to widen your gaze so that you can see other objects in the room through your peripheral vision, but don't remove your eyes from the original object. Your hips may widen and you may develop curves where you didn't have any before.

For that reason, some prospective students prefer to widen their range of potential schools by doing concurrent searches limited by geography, size, or other factors. Widen cracks a bit to make a good trench for the compound to adhere to. Look for darts and seams that bring the coat in at the waist and then widen around your hips. They serve no purpose, and can widen the appearance of your rear-end.

Avoid cuffs, which shorten and widen your legs at the point where the cuff hits.

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Bubble skirts widen in the middle between the waist and hemline and taper in at the bottom. You may want to start with a recommendation from your personal doctor and then widen your search by visiting the offices of the many sleep specialists in Texas. Here, you'll want to widen and shorten the face with sunglass styles that do not extend beyond the widest part of the face.

The mounting where the metal meets the lenses could cause the hole to widen over time, leaving you with wiggling lenses that make it hard to focus. The rift between gamer and non-gamer will widen , but in the center will emerge "in-betweens", people who aren't quite gamers but who play video games. Palatal or upper jaw expansion devices can widen a narrow upper jaw and correct a crossbite within months.

Catheter-based procedures may be performed to open stenotic valves or vessels, widen the septal opening between the atria, or close abnormal vessels or certain septal defects.

The balloon is rapidly inflated and deflated to open or widen the area. As a child grows the eustachian tubes widen and stiffen, allowing air to enter and fluid to drain from the middle ear more efficiently. The boy will widen his stance to maintain balance and walk with a waddling gait to advance his weakened legs. It's not really a step to the side, although some flashy dancers will widen their stance to make it that way. Bangs like his will widen a narrow forehead, and this styles works best for someone with straight hair and a triangular face shape.

Some prefer to make a small cut in the vagina to widen the opening. You might also widen your search by looking specifically for "uneven" or "handkerchief" hems for petite women.

Go Wide, Young Man

There are ways, however, to increase the strength of the candle fragrance, and widen the scent throw the distance the scent can be detected from. The recipient may prefer an engagement ring that no one else has, and one way to go about getting it is to widen the search to include colored gemstones either individually or accented with smaller diamonds.

When you suffer boredom due to your repetitious meal plan, just remind yourself that the diet is only temporary and, someday soon, your menu selections will widen and your symptoms will be gone. Whether you do tattoos for fun or for work, picking up a selection of stencils may be the perfect way to widen the images you can offer both your customers and friends. Next, take the rolling pin and place it in each ridge, slowly rocking it back and forth to widen the ridge.

This could potentially lead to a viral spread of your website content, which will obviously widen your long-term user base. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

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They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Home Sentences widen. Then with great labor he began to widen the passageway. He did much to widen the national church. Solution: widen footway to provide for shared use. The invasion of Iraq seemed to widen the gap. Widen the area to about six inches on either side of the joint. Ultra-wide legs can widen you as well as look dated. Dating websites can almost infinitely widen your social pool.

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