Japan 1941: Countdown to Infamy

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But this book, which I though would focus on Japan in , feels like a two-headed dragon.

Japan 1941

The first half is just the previous five to six years of back story and background. You do not get to the specifics of , as Japan was trying to pursue both war and diplomacy at the same time, until the last hundred pages or so. It would have been much more powerful if it did just focus on in Japan, and not try to tell every detail of the previous six years. After editing at City Book Review for a few years, I took up the duties of editorial assistant, which include assigning books for review, posting reviews to our various sites, and nagging reviewers for things.

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My answer to every book-related question: read Octavia Butler. This, too, proved a fateful step toward Pearl Harbor.

Japan 1941: Countdown to Infamy

Yosuke Matsuoka, foreign minister at the time, fumed about Western hypocrisy and later advocated Japan allying with Germany and Italy in the Axis. He imagined that this would intimidate the US into sitting the war out, but he misread the situation completely. The main impact was to tar Japan with Nazi actions while linking the European and Asian theaters, thus increasing the US interest in both. But Matsuoka was only one of many boneheaded leaders nudging Japan toward calamity, vacillating leaders sleepwalking to disaster.

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Oblivious to his own decisive role, he seemed to see himself as an onlooker rather than the leader whose indecision and erratic moves were dragging Japan across the Rubicon. Other, equally irresolute leaders waited for someone else to halt the march to war, a collective abnegation of responsibility that spelled disaster.


Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto planned the Pearl Harbor assault even though he knew that it was a reckless mistake. Hideki Tojo, who became prime minister in October of , also had grave misgivings, but hoped it would miraculously work out.

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Emperor Hirohito showed some mettle when he questioned his top military leaders in private about their war plan, reminding them that they had been equally optimistic about a quick positive result in China four years earlier. Many hoped that the emperor would intervene and call a stop to the madness, thereby giving the military a face-saving exit, but his advisors were concerned that this might provoke a coup and undermine the Imperial Household.

The next day at the Imperial Conference, Hirohito merely recited a poem that subtly, and apparently ineffectively, conveyed his misgivings. Hotta concludes that Japan was responsible for the outbreak of war and dismisses claims that the Hull Note issued in late November by US Secretary of State Cordell Hull incited it. Paradoxically, under the banner of pan-Asian liberation, a war of subjugation was widened to the Pacific and Southeast Asia at the end of Nightclubs shut down. The nation had been wracked by civil conflict.

The USA and Japan before WW2- "Japan 1941- Countdown to Infamy" By Eri Hotta - Book Review!

Hailed by anti-colonialists after defeating Russia in , Japan then aggressively expanded across Asia. Japan actually had fought against Germany in World War I, but hoped an alliance with the racist Nazis would tilt the balance of power with the United States and improve its negotiating position. Japanese Emperor Hirohito was among those who expressed reservations about going to war at times.

And the Imperial Navy's Adm.

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Isoroku Yamamoto, the chief architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor, "believed that it was impossible for Japan to win such a war. We are currently revamping our comment system and it will return soon.

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