The Great Doctrines of the Bible

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The latter two volumes address exactly what their titles would suggest. Here we find that systematic theology is no way needs to be confined to the bookshelf, but can be passionately preached from the pulpit. As a teacher and preacher Lloyd-Jones work will not only serve to edify in personal study, but may also be a model of how these great doctrines may be clearly and concisely expounded. Another advantage of this work is the Scripture index in the back of the book. After all, what is a work of theology without an index of Scripture?

Overall, what we have here is classic Lloyd-Jones. There are no surprises, only a solid, straightforward, passionate and reverent presentation of the truths of Scripture. It is a volume that will edify both the new Christian and the seasoned student of theology. It is a volume that will train the pastor and layperson in how to communicate systematic theological truth in a plain manner. I highly recommend it.

I was under no obligation to offer a positive review.

Purchase at WTSBooks. And if it plays it's part in helping you to read the Bible, encouraging you to follow Jesus and to serve him in the power of the Holy Spirit, then it will bear fruit. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. What an epic journey from the beginning to the end! Three volumes in one and over pages, it surprises even myself to finish the whole book in four months.

The things concerning the last days were particularly gripping and I raced to the end for the glorious finish of God's total revelation to us through the Bible. This book does assume a degree of familiarity of the bible in order to get most out of it. Prior to reading this book, I have read through the Bible twice. What has this book done for me then? It helps make sense of the bible. Suddenly things that I kind of know are brought into sharper focus as they are illuminated systematically in the context of God's grand plan for the human race, and as scattered concepts are given their proper relations with each other.

Previous confusion or haziness in understanding is being straightened out, which is soothing in itself. When we are reading the Bible, we could be so bogged down by the details of the bushes that we miss the forest. This book gives us the view of the forest, which is breathtaking and awe-inspiring - as one would expect for the work of God. These great doctrines of the Bible are the anchor point for our faith especially in today's confusing and all-embracing and permissible culture.

It is important that we know what we are believing and we do not just go by our feelings or the lack of experience. This book helps define that bottom line or the core of our faith.

REVIEW | “Great Doctrines of the Bible”, by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Our walk with Christ should involve our whole body - starting with our mind and go down to our heart and soul; we are transformed by the renewal of our minds, so we need to hear the truths. These doctrines, consistent throughout the Bible, form the foundation of how we approach the bible, and in turn underpin our own understanding when we go through the bible ourselves.

It will now be interesting for me to go back to the Bible and see how everything comes back to these doctrines, which are in turn well supported by the rest of the Bible. I must also commend the way how Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones presents these doctrines to us. He was a pastor and he never lost that touch and sensitivity as one. I feel so much of his concern and his passion for the well-being of his flocks when he expounded these important truths to us, not to burden us with knowledge, but so that we are blessed, so that we know we are blessed, and so that we are free!

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His exposition is also helpful in that he sets it in context of different schools of thoughts. In addition to telling us what the doctrines are, the author also takes the trouble to tell us what they are NOT by identifying errors through the Church history. This can only help with our discernment when we have to navigate through different opinions and screen different interpretations in modern days. In this approach, I cannot but feel the author's clarity, sincerity and honesty.

His interpretation of Revelation is most convincing among all that I have read.

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I have always been troubled by Revelation because it is so difficult to understand and its interpretation seems uncertain. Over the years I have read various commentaries on it. However I have never come across the approach used by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and yet, it makes so much sense! And he does not ask us to take his view but just to consider it among all the others, which he has also outlined.

My verdict is that his has virtues that I don't see in others, and is consistent with the rest of the Bible that the Bible is one. His interpretation is one that helps me understand most out of Revelation so far. Yet let's not limit God. He may well be talking in double meaning and as we walk closer and closer to the last day, we may unfold with more certainty of another layer of meaning. Lastly, going through a book like this is vital for us to get a complete view.

As Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones has pointed out, some doctrines have been neglected because of their difficulties or reactions to previous errors. Among them are the doctrines of the Holy Spirit and the Last days. I think the author is right. The author also says that it is regrettable that doctrines are not taught at church. Well, from my experience, it has not got better. We therefore have to rely on ourselves to seek to know them and I am grateful for Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones' effort in giving this loooong series of lectures which has benefited even the generations to come.

If you already know Lloyd-Jones, nothing will surprise you hear. It's a meaty, but digestible, introduction to doctrine, Bible-based doctrine. Nicely laid out, and Kindle-friendly although it would have been helpful to have had the indexes to all three volumes set out at the front each chapter is just long enough to read on a daily basis and provide much food for thought. Young and old Christians will benefit from this. admin