Grantville Gazette, Volume IV (Ring of Fire - Gazette editions Book 4)

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Toccata will be published in The Flight of the Nightingale, forthcoming from Baen. No estimated release date available yet. The above episodes of Letters from Gronow will be collected in a book of the same name along with new material which is forthcoming from Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press. Gannon, Ph. Copyright David Carrico Fiction.

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Top-selling established writers and brilliant newcomers both appear regularly in the online magazine, "Jim Baen's Universe," edited by Eric Flint, creator of the "New York Times" best-selling "Ring of Fire" series. Now, editor Flint selects a generou Pity the poor private eye or official investigator, for that matter , who has to solve a case which may involve death by black magic, evidence that may have been altered or planted by an itinerant sorcerer, and supernatural entities ranging from gho With their seemi A collection of outstanding science fiction and fantasy stories from the popular online magazine, Jim Baen's Universe, features contributions from such Hugo and Nebula Award-winning authors as Mike Resnick and Gene Wolfe, as well as David Drake, Greg Arkansas has become a country of its own: a hybrid confederation of former slaves, Native American Cherokee and Creek clans, and white abolitionists--including a charismatic warrior named Pyrick Driscol.

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The Irish-born Driscol is building a fortune a With their seemingly magical technology, and their radical ideas With their seemingly magical technology In the War of , U. In Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte's war has b A religious conference has been called in nearby Rud The Federation of the Hub: thousands of rough, ornery and tough-minded human worlds with only the subtlest of interstellar governments holding them all together. Stable at last after cen Religious war laying waste the cities. Only the aristocrats remained relatively unscathed; for the peasants, death was a mercy.

A mercenary outcast with a perversion no one cared to think about. She liked males. A holy leader, who knows her people are on the verge of great upheaval--and who wants to know more about this new tribe of demons. A battle-mother, possibly t We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

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Book List: 41 titles. Grantville Gazette V. Grantville Gazette IV. The Dragon Done It. Ring of Fire II.

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The Best of Jim Baen's Universe. Trail of Glory - 2.

Grantville Gazette Series by Eric Flint

Grantville Gazette III. Grantville Gazette II.

The Rivers of War. Trail of Glory - 1. The Grantville Gazette.

Ring of Fire. The Philosophical Strangler.

Joe's World - 1. Mother of Demons. Author Info. Top Authors in Alternative History.

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