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He found Josh, our boat captain and planned every intricate detail from sneaking in the musician, the roses and the champagne into the boat. My brother, Neil was Aman's partner in crime, and they got me on the yacht with the pretext of shooting for a small music video for laughs and giggles. Rest is history I still remember the moment when he asked me to marry him with the ring in his hand and him on his knee. I froze with joy and a feeling of surreal.

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Wedding Photographer : House on the Clouds. I wanted someone to capture the wedding memories that can be treasured and stays with me forever. Somebody who can enshrine our beautiful story through the lenses. When I saw 'House on the Clouds work I knew it has to be them or no one else and I mean that, I never had an option for second best in my list.

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I remember how unsettling it was until I got a response from them that they would be a part of our wedding in Shimla. Words cannot justify the work, the art and the ethics of the house on the clouds. Those who could not attend our wedding, when they look at the wedding pictures, they feel they were actually a part of the wedding. They not only captured the people but also the emotions and that is priceless!! High energy but yet cool under pressure. Aman and I have probably exchanged not hundreds but thousands of messages over WhatsApp over several months leading up to the wedding.

Our wedding planners toured the wedding venue multiple times and kept us updated via video, pictures, and facetime. They had made detailed blueprints of the site and had each and every details and various contingencies well planned and rehearsed. To be able to move the entire logistics from Delhi to a hill station in Kufri is no mean task. Hats off to them and their team for letting us and our families have the time of our lives while they were running the event seamlessly from behind the curtains.

Every bride deserves to look and feel her best on her wedding day. Looking at her impeccable work, I knew quite a long time back that she is the who I wanted. She definitely brought out the best in me, making sure each and every look of 4 functions were different from each other and the best in itself.

Her friendliness and professionalism are second to none. I am glad I found her for my big day and that she came all the way to the Himalayas in freezing November :. Source House On The Clouds. Getting Married? Book trusted vendors! Makeup Artists. But today we incorporate modern motifs into the ancient technique and style. This item ships with a free artist storycard, so you can remember who you impacted today. Customized gift messages are also available with every order.

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Kiva Store artisans set their own prices and control their own businesses. Kiva Store offers artisans a free platform to sell their work throughout the United States. E Research Scholar St. Chandrasekar M. D Professor St. There are several factors to make a billing system successful in cloud computing environment. The factors for the billing transactions must have integrity and non repudiation capabilities; the billing transactions must be non obstructive and have a minimal computation cost and storage.

Services provided to the users must be trustful for the users in all customs. Existing billing systems are limited in terms of security capabilities or computational overhead etc. The most important edifice in this system is Trusted System Auditor and Cloud Attorney which facilitates the system to overcome the limitations in the billing systems. The Cloud Attorney generates commonly verifiable binding information that can be used for trusted transaction between the user and cloud providers.

Secured Instantaneous Billing Scheme is introduced to compute the cost of the service provided to the user immediately at the end of the transaction. The Trusted System Auditor provides a forgery-resistive monitoring mechanism to enhance the reliability of the billing system.

The latency of this gleaming system is 3. When the gleaming system was compared with the other billing systems the gleaming system works efficiently, economically and swiftly. E Index Terms: Records, Verification, transaction processing, resource allocation, pricing and plausible billing.

Introduction Cloud Computing provides the vast resources to the IT sector. The resources may Infrastructure, Software and Platform etc nowadays beyond these resources there are other types of services are also provided like Database instants and packages etc. When the resources are provided for the usage to the users, the metering and billing for the usage of resources is a complicated task for the resource providers because the metering and billing should be reliable and verifiable, so that the user and the resource provider can have good and long lasting business dealings.

There are different billing and metering services models. Servers provided for the on-demand users on hourly bases model. Server reservation model. Volume- based metering — number of instances consumed by the user model. Prepaid and reserved infrastructure resources model. Clustered server resources model. Higher and lower compute resource units based on application model. The billings for most of these models are based on monthly payments. The advanced billing and planning with reserved instances enables lesser monthly and hourly payments to make resources available as needed.

Servers reserved in advanced are to secure specific servers in certain area to minimize the hourly consumption of Virtual Machines VMs , so that the cost can reduce the hourly price by up to 50 percent. The cases like, getting back the instances during non-peak hours and providing more instances during the peak hours and seasons help to improve more availability and response time. In certain case like, if large numbers of VMs are reserved in advance the user can be provided with the discount and the resource provider can plan for the capacity demands.

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The basic concepts for PaaS metering and billing are 1. Incoming and outgoing network bandwidth. CPU time per hour. Stored data.

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High availability 5. Monthly service charge. Related Work Billing Systems that trace and confirm the usage of computing resources have been dynamically studied and developed in the research area of cloud computing. The pre- existing billing systems of cloud computing environment were analyzed deeply for the construction of new system with new requirement [20], [21], [22]. This section discusses briefly about the experimental results of existing billing systems in terms of their security level and billing complications.

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Several researchers presented a resource usage processing system [6],[7],[8],[9],[11] for recording the usage of cloud resources. The resource usage details are appropriate to the CPU cycles, storage, and network bandwidth are collected via a resource usage monitor and charged over the billing agent. APEL [6] presents a billing system that processes log details to create quantified accounting transaction records.

Figure 1: Billing System with Bound Security Concerns Security-Enhanced Billing Systems In the literature many electronic payment schemes are proposed and attempted to provide security-enhanced billing systems. Some of the systems are micropayment- based schemes such as MiniPay [17] and NetPay [18]. The e-payment systems like MiniPay and NetPay schemes enable users to securely and efficiently perform repeated payments.

One-way hash functions are used in these schemes to generate chains of hash values; users carry out billing transactions by releasing a certain number of hashes in the hash chain. E Figure 2: Billing system with micropayment Pay-as-you-Browse [26] and XPay [27] are some of the schemes which integrated the micropayment concept into distributed computing frameworks and cloud-hosted services.

The gleaming clouds

In Fig. It cannot support the security features of non- repudiation and trusted monitoring because micropayment schemes are mainly designed for transaction integrity rather than other security features. Figure 3: PKI-based billing system. The commercial cloud services of Amazon EC2, S3 [1], and Microsoft Azure [2] provide users with a service usage report via secure communication and monitoring tools such as Cloud Watch [31].

The PKI-based billing system in the fig. Implementation The Gleaming System has six major components in it. The functionality of these six components is depicted below. The Cloud providers facilitate the users to avail the resources according to their computational requirement. The users have to pay only for the capacity of resources they utilize. The user has to make a request to the cloud provider for the services they need. The requests may be service log-in or service log-out or billing transactions. This entity supplies accord information to the users and cloud service providers to start a new session or billing etc.

The accord information is confidential information generated with the help keys shared by both the parties. The technique used to generate the accord information is Hash function with hash chain. The metering mechanism maintains the details of capacity of resources utilized. admin